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BWI: An Untold Epic Saga of Pain- A Story with a Deep Sea of Emotions Reached Millions of Readers

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016 9:00AM IST (3:30AM GMT)
An Untold Epic Saga of Pain- A Story with a Deep Sea of Emotions Reached Millions of Readers
New Delhi, Delhi, India

A cup of coffee can change your life. Yes, it's true and the same appears happening to the life of Sarvesh Bharadwaj, an emerging author from Coimbatore. Currently, the author lives in Bangalore, who has released his book "Was That You?" with Educreation Publishing (, the best self-publishing website in India for the emerging Indian authors. The book is of non-fiction genre, and a kind of diary/memoir. The memorable point that makes the book distinct is its unique story plot.

How the author, Sarvesh, had given words to his feelings, and finally those words got a shape of book - all started that day when Sarvesh was taking his coffee, which used to happen regularly, in a canteen with his friends. Suddenly, a discussion started, and all started narrating their first love in turn. All of them tried and enjoyed, but once Sarvesh started telling his own story, all were stubbed to listen his words like of no other. All persons were poised while he was narrating his story. All were surprised at how a man, who was ready there to die for a girl without even any hesitations for a while, is now spending his days so hard, without her.

How a person who is loved by another person like no one can do in the world can be so brutal, so harsh that she can leave that person on such a situation where everyday life is transformed to him as a battle with himself? Doesn't that person even deserve a "sorry" from her in return of all pains she gives to him in his life?

The book, titled "Was That You?" by Sarvesh Bharadwaj, published by Educreation Publishing, is not a mere love story, but it is an epic saga of pain, a story with deep sea of emotions, and a tragic twist all around.

The story also tells us about a warmth feeling of unconditional love, an importance of friend, a support of family, and a shade of love. But of course, it is not a usual love story in which there always lies a note of "live happy thereafter" at the end; rather it ends with a sad note yet a hopeful starting in author's life.

When all his college friends had heard this story, they suggested him to tell the same to the world. It would be highly inspiring to all if you can feel it in your heart to reach the readers. Finally, in 2012, Sarvesh decided to write a book. It took about a month to prepare the draft. After finalization, he reached Educreation Publishing, the number one destination for self-publishing in India.

The author, Sarvesh Bharadwaj, had his schooling from the Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore. He graduated as an electronics engineer from the Karpagam College of Engineering. He was elected as the secretary for the Electronics Department during his college tenure. Currently, he stays in Bangalore.

Since the release of the book Sarvesh has received a lot of applause from the readers. He was told that the message he has conveyed to the readers is very touchy, and they were able to imagine the scenes which he has narrated. Some readers personally told him that they wanted to see this story in shape of a movie. This can be considered a definite success for an author.

The author, describing the change he has found in his life after the release of the book, said, "The key reason for composing the book was Meghna's impact on my life. Soon after the book was released, she called me and spoke after 48 months. She conveyed that she had read the book many times. To get a 'sorry' from her mouth, it has taken 4 years. I would probably explain this in my upcoming book. For those who have read the book would understand the scenario very well."

Saying about his experience in a self-publishing book in India from the best self-publishing company in India, he speaks that his experience was wonderful. He was able to harness all the fruitful outcomes from the concept of self-publishing in India.

Saying about Educreation Publishing, the number one self-publishing website in India, he says that, "I am delighted to publish my book through Educreation Publishing. The crew was approachable, supportive, and the outcome of the book is an example for the same."

The book "Was That You?" by Sarvesh Bharadwaj has been released worldwide in more than 100 countries and more than 39,000 locations as Paperback and eBook. In India, it is available in Amazon,, Flipkart, Infibeam, Paytm, Rediff-books and others. 

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