Tuesday, July 12, 2016

BWI: Freshersworld Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm RPE will Make your Entry Level Hiring Instant

Source : Freshersworld.com
Tuesday, July 12, 2016 12:38PM IST (7:08AM GMT)
Freshersworld Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm RPE will Make your Entry Level Hiring Instant
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Freshersworld.com has launched an innovative technology to help recruiters hire Entry Level Graduates instantly along with a job posting. RPE (Relevant Profile Extractor) Technology combines deep learning for interpreting data points such as candidate application history, activity profiling, interest shown for similar jobs (and 16 other data points) as well as probability algorithm for analysing the “show” to “no-show ratio” to give recruiters a sixth sense of who are the most probable hires from the bulk of resumes. The instant access to 100 Relevant Profiles matching their requirement using the RPE would help them close the requirement instantly.
Speaking at the launch ceremony Joby Joseph, CEO Freshersworld said, “RPE Technology is an innovation which will change the way recruiters look at job portals. Earlier, recruiters had to wait for weeks to get candidates to apply for jobs but with RPE, they will get relevant profiles instantly.” “It is so much more than just matching candidates to job openings available. Our data science team has been working on this algorithm for more than 1 year and have been able to crack the problem statement with conclusive and proven results,” he continued.
According to company sources, the RPE powered Hot Job posting was stealth launched 3 months back and some of the prominent clients of Freshersworld were introduced to this with a preview. The results achieved through the launch have been encouraging and learning’s achieved through it has been used to better the product. According to our clients, accessing huge data of profiles doesn’t mean anything. Getting interested candidates to turn up makes all the difference between a good database and a junk one. With RPE, the probability of candidates turning up for interviews increases tenfold.
“Machine learning is a continuous process and the system is only going to get better in the coming months. Our data science team will continuously monitor the results and a certain level of human intervention will be required to make the data more accurate. It is like performance tuning,” Joby concluded.
Freshersworld is the No.1 Job Portal for Entry-level hiring in India. It has been in the forefront of developing innovative recruitment solutions for the hiring industry. RPE technology, Hot Job posting, Post-n-hire, Virtual Campus Recruitment are some of the products that have been launched in the recent times. With more than 1.0 crore candidate resumes, Freshersworld has launched Database Access Services in April 2016. The database product will also incorporate RPE Technology to help recruiters make better and faster decisions with the calling process. Bulk hiring is something that has been left entirely to recruiters sifting through data to make calling decisions. With RPE, recruiters will be able to take informed decisions ranging from providing them the ability to understand the candidates’ interest level to his/her response rate, etc. Some of the prominent clients using freshersworld services include Accenture, Amazon, Toshiba, EMC2, Facebook, etc. and consultants like Randstad, Black & White, White Horse, etc.

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