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BWI: A Book on Social Justice and Life of Eunuch (Kinnar) Released by Author Indrani Singha Majumdar

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Friday, June 3, 2016 12:35PM IST (7:05AM GMT)
A Book on Social Justice and Life of Eunuch (Kinnar) Released by Author Indrani Singha Majumdar
New Delhi, Delhi, India

The social pillars of India still need a change; eunuchs (Kinnar in Hindi) still need to strive for a quality life, respect, food and shelter. When the word 'Eunuch' comes in front of us, a picture of a person appears in our mind, who is usually found to seek money from the travelers in railways stations or in family events like marriages and others.

But is the life of a eunuch so easy in India? Do they get the same respect and care from society? Have they ever been considered to be given the same status that a human being gets? All these questions of intro-inspections arise in our mind.

The same appears with the writer, Indrani Singha Majumdar, who has recently worked to publish her debut novel, 'The Paradox of Vantage Point' on this particular subject, which is one of the highly impactful social aspects of India. She has released her book with Educreation Publishing, India's Number 1 self publishing destination for emerging Indian authors.

The privilege of self publishing provides emerging authors with that platform, which paves the way for coming closer to the readers. In addition, with the books like 'The Paradox of Vantage Point', which are based on extraordinary subjects and concepts, the myth that only traditionally published books are on quality subject is being dispelled.

'The Paradox of Vantage Point' is all about the fact that a person's caliber should always be kept above all social expectations. They only need our recognition and nothing else. The basic baseline of the story starts with the lead character, Anwesha Nair, a writer who was on temporary leave to complete her half-written book. A twist in the story made her to share the room with a eunuch and finally that molds the story to yet another angle. How problems appeared in Anwesha's life and how that eunuch helped her in different difficult situations is the sole of the story. Since its release, the book has been receiving a number of critics because of its unique subject line - 'A Role and Life of a Eunuch in Indian Society'.

The author, Indrani Singha Majumdar, who has given words to this extraordinary masterpiece, is a graduate in biotechnology and a post-graduate in mass communication and journalism as well. Her father served the Indian Air Force for about 32 years, and she has grown up hearing the tales of courage and bravery. The germ of writing started developing in the mind of the author in her early school days only when her essays had received lots of appreciations. She is also a wonderful blogger, and Baggout has listed her blog at Number 13 position in the category of Top 14 Entertainment post for the month of May 2015.

Speaking about her family members and future directives, the author, Indrani, says "My family has always backed my dream. I am not sure how much I have achieved or will achieve, but the spark that I see in my parent's and husband's (Ratul Majumdar) eyes means a lot to me. For future, there are many thoughts going on right now, but I don't want to rush into things. Unless and until I have a meaningful story, I won’t come back."

The book has been released in more than 100 countries and more than 39,000 locations around the globe through Educreation Publishing, one of the best self publishing company in India. 

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Photo Caption: Author Indrani Singha Majumdar, with her husband Ratul Majumdar

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