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BWI: Best Movie Review Channels on YouTube

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016 3:02PM IST (9:32AM GMT)
Best Movie Review Channels on YouTube
By Vidooly
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Since the demise of Roger Ebert, there are hardly any trusted movie reviewer left other than websites like Rottentomatoes, and Metacritic. But if you need a movie buff speaking his heart out about any movie, then YouTube is the perfect place for you.
Well, first of all, a good reviewer on YouTube never tells the story upfront. They have to “catch the viewers” attention in first 2 minutes, and maintaining that same rate for every piece of content is pretty tough. This is the reason there are literally thousands of YouTube channels reviewing latest movies, but only top few were able to last long.
So, here are few YouTube channels for movie buffs guaranteed to kick your nerdgasm to the level that you will check the reviews of movies you watched 10 years ago.

Jeremy Jahns

It’s Awesometacular. Yes, that’s the rating for top rated movies and it’s pretty rare. Jeremy Jahns is one of the most subscribed YouTube movie review channels with more than 1 million subscribers. Also, like all the movie reviewers, check out his year-end top list of movies and the worst movies of the year. What makes him special is his fast-paced editing and high energy stand-up like approach to reviewing movies that make him stand apart.

Chris Stuckmann

One of the nicest guys on YouTube movie review scene, Chris rates his movies using the old school grading system starting from D- to A+. His way of reviewing a movie is pretty subtle and often focusses on retelling an incident or moment from the movie, which he thinks captures the spirit of the movie. He also covers anime and every Sunday alternates between his ‘Hilariocity’ and his ‘Retro Rewind’ series that provide a very entertaining watch.


CineFlix is the place every movie buff would love to visit every day. They have a wide range of content such as Like It / Love It, Things You Didn’t Know and top 10 series, which provide a lot of entertainment and information about certain movies. If they haven’t discussed it, it probably isn’t relevant, so maybe put that in your pipe and smoke it. These guys rule at what they do.

Channel Awesome

Not even a Content ID strike (Where’s The Fair Use) can’t stop this movie channel from getting a cult fan following. His movie reviews are straight, funny and with the long point of view for almost every movie (especially the bad ones). His YouTube series like Demo Reel, Bum Reviews, and Nostalgia Critic; which are a delight to watch for a regular movie goer.

Mr. Sunday Movies

The research and analysis done for each review and series are just amazing. With playlists like “Kill counts and Supercuts”, “Easter Egg videos”, “Things you missed breakdowns” and “Comic book Videos” are great examples of how you make effective presentations.

Yes, acknowledging the fact that there are other well respected YouTube channels for movie reviews like Your Movie Sucks, Cinema Sins, Screen Junkies, The Flick Pick and AngryJoeShow; but for me, these are my top five. If you want to look more in depth at the art of filmmaking and analyses of elements that are used in the industry such as how props are used or why a specific shot is used then do visit Every Frame Painting and Nerdwriter 1 YouTube channels. These guys hold a special distinction for analyzing the movie frame by frame which is great for filmmakers looking to learn more about the history of the industry.
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