Friday, October 30, 2015

BWI: YapApp Brings People Together

Source : YapApp
Friday, October 30, 2015 5:17PM IST (11:47AM GMT)
YapApp Brings People Together
Chandigarh, Punjab, India

YapApp Simply Makes Things Happen
YapApp is an innovative app for bringing business people, families and friends closer than ever and speeding up life activities. Because of video conferencing facility, YapApp helps to avoid hectic traveling just to meet another person. Important part is that people at multiple locations can get connected and have fruitful discussions like a conference room. This way the stable visual experience becomes a boon for making the event happen.

Getting YapApp is just easy; simple download will complete the process equipping the user with flexible and multidimensional tool to move forward. Not just the conferencing user can share birthday and wedding gatherings when dear ones are abroad or unable to travel and be in the gathering.

The users get the freedom to edit their messages to make them as crisp as they might wish. The users will also be able to save their masterpieces in their library and also be able to share them with their friends by email or on social media directly from the app.

YapApp chat has amazing below mentioned features:

  1. Broadcast Message
  2. Sending Text
  3. Sending Image
  4. Sending Contact
  5. Sending Location

Other YapApp features:

  • Video Calling is High Quality enables one to one video calling
  • Video Conferencing ensures people are together in high quality environment
  • Enables dynamic adjustment of quality according to the network signal
  • Enterprise Meetings are made possible for convenience and ease
  • Manage Multiple rooms are for business colleagues, friends and families
  • No Advertisements means no headache, no unwanted pop-ups
  • The system lets the user callback if a call is missed using call log
  • Mute Audio for convenience or ensuring secrecy
  • Cannot hear completely and switch over to speaker
  • Friend-matching service that who else is  on YapApp
  • Secure Messages as third part cannot intrude

Intended users can simply download the YapApp app:
Android app- and iphone app-
Users may send questions or tell us more about them through

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