Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BWI: Veuon Technologies Launches a First-of-its-Kind HR Mobile App

Source : VEUON Technologies P Ltd.
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 3:52PM IST (10:22AM GMT)
Veuon Technologies Launches a First-of-its-Kind HR Mobile App
A GPS cutting-edge technology based platform connecting Job seekers to Job Providers within the 1-km vicinity
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Veuon Technologies [P] Ltd, a company based out of Chennai, has launched a First-of-its-Kind HR Mobile App* `VEUON’. Veuon is a Human Resources Mobile Application, which connects `Job Providers’ (Employers) to `Job Seekers’ (Employees) through Global Positioning System (GPS).
The Veuon Platform using innovative cutting-edge technology provides every user with a platform that connects relevant employers to employees and relevant jobs to jobseekers across industry verticals, experience levels and geographies. It is by far the most sophisticated job seeking, career management and talent management platform (soon to be launched globally).
App Features and Working
  1. Veuon Application can be downloaded free by both the Job Providers and Job Seekers and they install their version of the app respectively
  2. The Job Providers run their requirements for a nominal payment (currently there is an introductory offer of running the requirements free) and the Job Seekers provide their details (free of cost). Simple, cost-effective staffing solutions for both Job Seekers and Job Providers
  3. Based on parameters of Skill, Experience, Distances, Location, etc, the search engine connects the Job Providers to Job Seekers. The users are identified when an appropriate match is found – a Real-time recruitment
  4. Global Positioning System based connecting
  5. The Apps’ algorithm at the backend will match the Job Providers and the Job seekers and when they are within a range of 1-km radius both will be identified with an Alert in their respective Smartphone through a Ring or a Vibration
  6. The Job Providers’ Smart Phone will list all the prospective Candidates in the Candidate Alert Section
  7. The Job Seekers’ Smart Phone will list all the prospective Job providers in the HR Alert Section
  8. Alerts/notifications are provided when a match is found. Notification screen can be turned on/off at will
  9. Various options like Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Viber, etc are provided for sharing with friends
The app is currently available for anyone who has one of the following compatible mobile devices: i.e. AndroidTM v2.0 (or higher). Soon to be launched in Apple ios.
The App’s easy-to-use format and highly user-friendly design provides very effective and fast connection between Human Resource Managers and Employees anytime and anywhere.
The Veuon App is available for download through Google Play Store.  It is also available using the browser of Android devices, from the following: https://www.veuon.com. For more information on the HR Mobile App, please visit the above website.
The VEUON Mobile HR App is the most sophisticated and comprehensive mobile HR solution available to Job Providers and Job Seekers. It offers real time hiring and reduces the Recruiting cycle drastically. It is a fantastic platform for the Job providers and Job Seekers across all Corporate, Industries, Services and Traders segments to connect. The connect can happen everywhere like Malls, Conferences, Theatres, Airports, SEZ, etc. The Veuon HR APP is poised to revolutionize the way employers and employees connect with one another and start a beautiful and mutually beneficial relationship.
Mr. Amarlal G. Nichani, Managing Director of Veuon Technologies [P] Ltd, says “Now recruiting the right candidates for the right companies is just an App-away and also the most inexpensive way. The mobile devices such as Smart phones and Tablets are proving extremely helpful in obtaining the capabilities of next generation HR Solutions and services. We are also in the process of making continuous feedback-based enhancements for improved and comprehensive features to our App”.
“Veuon HR Mobile App’s strong functionality and impressive features are its hallmark. The Employees and Employers will experience strong benefits from this Mobile App in the form of easy method of finding jobs for the employees and quick and easier recruiting for the HR Managers,” he added.
About Nichani Group:
  • Veuon Technologies [P] Ltd is part of Nichani Group, Chennai, India. Nichani Group is a 60-year-old established business house and business family operating out of Chennai, Bangalore and New York. www.veuon.com
  • Nichani Group has Interests in various businesses including film financing, information technology, modest equity holdings (in private and public companies), real estate holdings and real estate funding.
  • The group has financed over 250 movies to date, predominantly in southern India. Many movies that were financed by the Nichani family were awarded state and other national awards. www.nichanifilms.com
  • The group sold one of its information technology companies, Exinom Technologies Inc., to NEC Solutions America. Exinom was founded in 1995 in New Jersey and served many multinational Fortune 500 companies at the time of sale.
  • The family also owns many properties in southern India and has considerable experience in transacting real estate in India.
  • Cordea Nichani is a real estate fund management business, bringing together a unique collection of experience and skills. It comprises an international fund manager, a strong Indian family business and a select few key property companies to offer investors access to the Indian real estate market. Now known as ROOTCORP. www.cordeanichani.com www.rootcorp.com
  • The Nichani family is also known for its philanthropy. A Charitable Trust was created in the 1960s by the group, which has made contributions towards building hospitals, schools, colleges, meditation centres and libraries.
  • More information on Nichani Group can be obtained from www.nichani.com 

Media Contact Details

Mr. B. Seshagiri, VEUON Technologies P Ltd., ,+91-9444055080/+91-9445470762


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