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BWI: Amul in Accelerated Expansion Mode to take Full Advantage of Golden Phase

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013 03:26 PM IST (09:56 AM GMT)
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Amul in Accelerated Expansion Mode to take Full Advantage of Golden Phase

Anand, Gujarat, India, Tuesday, June 25, 2013 -- (Business Wire India) -- GCMMF which markets the extremely popular Amul brand of milk and dairy products is certainly going through a golden phase with simultaneous acceleration in demand and supply. Results of the apex body of dairy cooperatives in Gujarat were declared on 25th June 2013, in the 39th Annual General Meeting of GCMMF. The organization which symbolizes 'taste of India', managed to achieve unprecedented 20% growth in milk procurement during the year 2012-13. In fact, GCMMF set new records during year, demonstrating its ability to procure and successfully handle as much as 16.6 million Kgs of milk during peak days of flush winter months. Leveraging on several marketing and technological innovations as well as enhanced distribution reach, GCMMF closed the year with a turnover of Rs. 13735 crores, which is 18% higher than the turnover of Rs. 11668 crores, achieved in 2011-12. This is an extremely impressive growth, especially since this achievement is over and above consistent 20% cumulative average growth rate over the last 5 years. In fact, the group turnover of GCMMF and its constituent Member Unions, representing unduplicated turnover of all products sold under Amul brand was Rs. 19,100 crores or US$ 3.2 Billion.

The high growth in turnover is reflected in the remarkable performance of its various mega-brands. GCMMF achieved excellent growth in most of the value-added consumer packs. During 2012-13, Amul long-life UHT Milk had shown an impressive value growth of 53% and sales of Amul Cream also increased by 57% in value terms. Amul's innovative milk beverages range showed quantum value growth of 27%. In Ghee, their two mega-brands Amul & Sagar together achieved very impressive growth of 31% in value terms. Sales of Amul Butter and Amul Cheese achieved impressive 18% & 19% value growth respectively. Amul Ice-cream has created one more milestone with value growth of 21% over last year, further consolidating its position as No. 1 Ice cream brand in India.

While commenting on the results, Shri Vipulbhai M Chaudhary, Chairman, GCMMF paid rich tribute to late Dr. Verghese Kurien and stated that the Amul has been able to scale such magnificent heights only thanks to Dr. Kurien, who dedicated his entire life towards championing the cause of farmers. He urged leaders and professionals associated with Amul cooperative movement to continue to adhere to the values of integrity, selflessness, excellence and courage, which were cherished by Dr. Kurien.

Shri Chaudhary also informed that 'rapid expansion' will be the organization's mantra for 2013-14. This enormous growth in milk production was a result of high procurement price paid to farmers, which increased by quantum margin of 63% in the last 4 years. Better returns from dairying have obviously motivated farmers to enhance their investments in increasing milk production. He also informed that GCMMF has planned rapid expansion across its entire value chain. "Various Member Unions are expanding their respective processing and manufacturing capacities. Simultaneously, GCMMF is also swiftly expanding and strengthening its four distribution highways to ensure that our products reach our loyal consumers in remotest corners of the country", said the Chairman. He emphasized that during 2012-13, Amul expanded its distribution footprint to reach 1200 new geographical markets with addition of 306 new distributors, 65 new Super-stockists and 900 new sub-stockists. Plan for 2013-14 includes further expanding distribution reach to 700 new markets with addition of more distributors and Super-stockists. In fact, the organization plans to add seven new branch offices within the next few months. Amul further consolidated its status as the largest single brand retail in the country by adding at least 3 exclusive Amul Parlors every day during 2012-13, taking the total tally of its exclusive stores to 7000. This includes 800 air-conditioned Amul Ice-cream scooping parlours. GCMMF plans to increase Amul Parlor network to 10,000 within next 2 years.

Shri Chaudhary further informed that GCMMF plans to achieve turnover of Rs. 17000 crores in the year 2013-14. He expressed confidence that GCMMF will one day fulfill its destiny of becoming the largest dairy organization in the entire world and center of gravity for global dairy industry.

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Shri Vipulbhai M Chaudhary, Chairman, GCMMF
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Shri Vipulbhai M Chaudhary, Chairman, GCMMF
Turnover of GCMMF

Shri R. S. Sodhi, Managing Director, Amul, +91 9375032201


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