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BWI: Smart Numbers and Smart Dialling for Smart Phones

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 10:02 AM IST (04:32 AM GMT)
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Smart Numbers and Smart Dialling for Smart Phones

Johannesburg, South Africa, Wednesday, March 30, 2011 -- (Business Wire India) -- In a world first for cellular, a brand new concept for smart phones, smart business people and smart marketers/brand builders was launched in South Africa and the UK last week, and is now been extended to India.

A smart number is a "phoneword". A phoneword can be phoned but it is much more than just an ordinary telephone number.

A phoneword is a 'smart' telephone number that is easy to remember, personalised and it enhances any "brand". It works exactly like a normal telephone number, instead of dialling the 3 just dial the 'f' (only once), instead of the 8 just dial the 't' (only once) etc, etc. The listener/reader only needs to remember one word and not 10/11 numbers in sequence.

Technology on smart phone has NOW made it easy and sexy to dial a phoneword instead of just an ordinary phone number.

Using a keypad on a smart phone to call a "phoneword", for example 77worldcup, type in 77, press and hold down the "alt" key while typing in the word "worldcup". Press the dial button and the phone automatically dials 7796753287. The smart phone will also save and display the number as 77worldcup and not as a pure number. On other phones, dialling a phoneword works the same as typing a sms, the only difference is that one only type the "f", the "h" or the "k" etc. etc, only once.

Phone words have been around in the US for the past 40 years, in Australia for 11 years, and more recently in South Africa (although 99% in the form of toll-free and share-call landline numbers). This model of communication though is immobile and archaic for many individuals and small businesses that are on the go.

This necessitated cellular phone words.

In the era of smartphones, it has become standard practice for people to receive their emails and countless other information feeds via applications on their phone. Why then should a personalised number (smart number) have to go to a land / fixed line when it can go to cellular?

Yes, you read right! Your cellphone number can spell the name of your business, business concept, first name or the name of your favourite sports team such as 7 Bollywood (7 265599663), 9 Tendulkar (9 836385527) or 777 Roobina (777 7662462). Personalised cellular numbers are a reality. This will start a trade in cell numbers as people search for a specific number that spells their name, business etc. etc. In the era of smart phones, the ultimate accessory is a personalised/catchy/smart number.

Which cellular company in the world/India will be the first to embrace the new sexy way to phone a cellular number by means of a phoneword? Which cellular company will be the first to start trading in 'smart' numbers and allow their "users" to sell their numbers to someone else?

Examples of phone words are;
777 Roobina 9 Tendulkar 89 Adishree 7 Bangalore
777 7662462 9 836385527 89 23474733 7 226425673

987 Kashmir 77 Shahrukh 7 Bollywood 9 Himalayas
987 5274647 77 74247854 7 265599663 9 446252927 features many more interesting cellular numbers, for example 0780Chelsea, 0755Arsenal, 0777England, 0765Plumber, 078Carports etc. for the UK market.

In a world first, the concept of Phonewords is making the jump from toll-free/landline numbers to cellular and a few millionaires will be created instantly by the trading of their cellphone numbers to someone that wants their specific number for business or personal use!

Who in India owns one of the 30 cell phone numbers which spells the phone word, World Cup? Who in India will be an instant Rupee millionaire by selling his cellphone number to a fanatical cricket fan?

The cell phone word 07 World Cup (079 675 3287) is currently on sale in South Africa for about 2 million Rupees. Who could be one of people in India who will "win the lottery without even entering" by owning the cellphone number/s that spells World Cup, Tendulkar or Cricket?

This necessitated cellular phone words

The value of the South African cell phone number 07 World Cup has been determined by its scarcity. It is the only number out of 100 million cell phone numbers in South Africa that can spell this word.

India have 3 billion possible cellphone numbers (being a high population country), this will enable many more people than anywhere else in the world to benefit from selling their cellphone number.

There are 30 phone numbers in India that spells the phone word World Cup (71 96753287, 72 96753287, 85 96753287etc.)

Popular cell phone words belonging to individuals are the equivalent of an 'UNCLAIMED LOTTO TICKET' in their hands, creating the potential to enable a wealth transfer of 15 billion Rupees to the poor worldwide, especially in countries such as South Africa, India the rest of Africa. (Refer to the article on Wealth Transfer on how this figure is arrived at.)

Imagine the positive impact a personalised cell phone number can have on a business, read more , and someone's social life, read more ?

One of South Africa's four major banks, Nedbank, has just changed their main contact number countrywide to 0860 Nedbank! Now imagine the benefit of having this 'easy to remember' advantage on the go! Research indicates that phone words are 14 times easier to remember than any normal number. While driving, watching television, listening to the radio or browsing the web, we are overwhelmed with information. What stands out from the clutter is that which can be easily processed and remembered.

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