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BWI: Cisco WebEx Offers Remote Support through Web Collaboration

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:54 AM IST (06:24 AM GMT)
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Cisco WebEx Offers Remote Support through Web Collaboration

Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Wednesday, June 30, 2010 -- (Business Wire India) -- In today's global economy, the demand for a fast and easy to use web collaboration solution has never been greater. Companies have evolved into a phase where they no longer just use web collaboration to conduct online meetings. Nowadays, the remote support team is able to provide quick support and increase resolved issues for customers the first time they call.

Kiran Datar, Managing Director. Cisco WebEx (India) says, "Using web collaboration technology, they are able to fix remote problems in real time. They are able to skip the frustrating back-and-forth of talking to customers and saves the time and expense of onsite support calls."

If supporting customers is just one part of the job, sales executives can conduct simple support sessions with web collaboration. Customer service representatives can conduct multiple and intense support sessions in real time, enhancing their productivity and thereby greatly reducing the overall costs.

Remote support can significantly improve the tech support process, reduce delivery costs and increase effectiveness of an organisation.

How it works? - Resolve remote support issues with web collaboration

Remote support technicians are able to reduce company downtime and provide real-time remote support to anyone, internal or external. They are able to perform fast and accurate fixes online using web collaboration. They can decrease the time and expense of onsite visits and increase productivity. Web collaboration enables them to push regular updates and security patches proactively.

Technicians can deliver instant, personalized remote support to users-inside or outside the company-wherever they're located. Using remote support through web collaboration will increase first call resolution, minimize costly onsite service visits and reduce support costs overall. Users can view and control desktops or applications to diagnose and solve problems in real time. They are able to resolve and close support cases faster and provide clients with a quality support experience.

Organisations use web collaboration technology for internal IT support to maximize company uptime by supporting users anywhere, or for customer support to meet service level agreements and increase customer satisfaction.

Taking Remote Support to the Next Level

Remote support offers great potential to enhance your ability to diagnose and resolve service issues, yet not all remote support offerings are appropriate for all audiences and service delivery models. Answering the following questions will help identify opportunities to define new or realign existing remote support offerings:

. Who is using your remote support offerings? Who should be using them?
. What are the primary inhibitors that keep your customers from using remote support?
. What new or expanded remote support offerings should you offer?
. Do you have an adequate response to customer concerns about security and privacy?
. Which remote support technology is able to meet your needs?
. In what circumstances is remote support able to save time and effort to respond to service requests?
. What circumstances are ill-suited to the use of remote support?
. What is the net impact of remote support on service delivery efficiency?
. To what extent is remote support able to increase the effectiveness of providing a quality answer to a customer issue?
. How much does it costs to provide remote support services?
. What is the net impact of remote support in terms of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and service delivery costs?
. Do you have the right remote support offerings to meet the needs of your business and your customers?

Whether you are getting started with new remote support offerings or looking to take existing remote support capabilities to the next level, it is important to periodically evaluate your remote support strategy, goals and objectives.

Remote support- Competitive edge

Customers today require companies to solve their queries and issues as quickly as possible resulting in minimum downtime for the customer. For any business downtime usually translates to loss in revenues and reduced productivity. Hence most businesses place higher emphasis on improved field support and after sales support. Remote support can act as a catalyst for providing competitive edge for both the vendor and the customer. The customer can benefit due to lesser downtime and improved operational efficiency. The customer would then feel the need to pass the benefits on to the vendor through an extension of contract or improvement in financial terms in order to enjoy the benefits of improved service. In a B2B situation long lasting relationship with the customer is extremely important for the vendor. This not only reduces lead times for new product development and enhancements on existing products but also helps the company enjoy better margins due to virtues of customer retention. Remote support can help businesses across geographical distances maintain a successful long term mutually beneficial relationship.

About Cisco WebEx

With Over 3.5 million users, Cisco WebEx has grown to become the world leader in online meeting solutions. A global leader in on-demand applications for collaborative business on the web, their applications enhance high-touch business processes, such as sales and training, with efficient web-touch interactions. As an on-demand provider, Cisco WebEx is able to facilitate both internal and external collaboration. It delivers its range of applications over the MediaTone Network, a global network specifically designed for the secure delivery of on-demand applications and rich media content. The applications support multipoint video conferencing, web conferencing, telework and application remote access.

Wholy owned by Cisco Systems Inc, Cisco WebEx is the leading provider of Audio, Web Casting, and Web Conferencing services. They create solutions for various organizations around the globe, and facilitate their clients to meet their most ambitious goals in marketing, sales, training and support. Cisco WebEx on-demand software solutions are used by companies of every size. Today 81 of the fortune 100 companies use Cisco WebEx products.

With Cisco WebEx, users share presentations, applications, documents and desktops, with full - motion video and integrated audio, all in a rich multimedia environment. Organizations using meeting applications include business in financial services, high-tech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, communications, manufacturing, government, and management consulting. They use Cisco Webex at every stage from both customer and product lifecycles, driving results in sales, marketing fulfilment, product development, manufacturing, training and support with real-time collaboration

Cisco WebEx continues to innovate constantly further reinforcing the reliability and security issues of on-demand collaboration. It facilitates one to connect to people anywhere, anytime, across the world. Whether a part of a global enterprise with offices around the world or a one person, home based business or something in between, Cisco WebEX helps one become more productive, reducing travel and sales cycles. Today, they are a proven technology leader offering quality support to more then 28000 customers - a testimony to the company commitment to the market place.

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