Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BWI: Rhombus Redefines Price Competition in Loan Modification Processing

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Source: Rhombus Technologies Inc.
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 05:02 PM IST (11:32 AM GMT)
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Rhombus Redefines Price Competition in Loan Modification Processing

New York, United States, Tuesday, March 30, 2010 -- (Business Wire India) -- There is a very good reason why an increasing number of U.S. loan modification companies prefer to outsource their entire processing division to Rhombus Technologies Inc. (www.rhombustechnologies.com) - it's very good for their business. In just 18 months, Rhombus has not only built its reputation as a quality mortgage loan modification processing center, but has also topped the charts in terms of competitive pricing. According to Umesh Ranglani, CEO of Rhombus, "When it concerns loan modification outsourcing, a vast gap exists between high quality service and price competitiveness. Rhombus is one of the few organizations to successfully bridge this gap."

Through its BPO division, Rhombus delivers effective back-office Loan Modification Processing services to leading law firms, mortgage and real estate brokers across the U.S. "Rhombus helps clients increase profitability by providing loan modification processing services at the lowest prices in the industry, while maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction record", said Umesh.

Rhombus's highly specialized services are not simply an effective tool with monetary advantages, but a means for its clients to build on core competencies and create new business opportunities. While other American firms charge anywhere upwards of $2000 per mortgage file, Rhombus offers its clients flexible contract terms and the lowest processing fee in the industry - complete loan modification processing for just $350 per file. How has Rhombus made this possible?

-- Skilled Manpower - MBAs, Accountants available at relatively lower salaries in India

-- State of the art infrastructure which makes the interaction seamless and

-- Economies of scale which allow the staff to multi task on many files thus reducing the per file cost.

Rhombus's dedicated teams of qualified professionals utilize dynamic and flexible work plans that are perfectly tuned to each client's individual requirements. Organizations handling high volumes can benefit from Rhombus's sound infrastructure which has a scalable processing capacity of up to 20,000 files per month.

Put quite simply, Rhombus has succeeded in positioning itself not just as the organization of choice in loan modification outsourcing, but as the way forward for its clients' continuous growth and development.

Rekha Singh, Rhombus Technologies Inc., +1 877-869-7950, rekha@rhombustech.net


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