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BWI: New Media’s Magazine for Mumbai Police, “THE PROTECTOR” Launched

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Thursday, October 01, 2009 09:36 PM IST (04:06 PM GMT)
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New Media's Magazine for Mumbai Police, "THE PROTECTOR" Launched

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Thursday, October 01, 2009 -- (Business Wire India) -- A bi-monthly magazine, titled THE PROTECTOR, brought out exclusively for the Mumbai Police, was launched here on Thursday by a publishing house in a major initiative to help connect the cops with the public.

The magazine, published by New Media in association with the Mumbai Police, is first of its kind in India and is aimed at presenting the law enforcing authorities in a right perspective.

"Major changes are taking place in terms of modernization of equipment used by the Mumbai Police and the techniques of training to prepare it to face any challenge. The emphasis is on improving overall security and pro-active confidence-building measures," said Additional Chief Secretary Home, Chandra Iyengar, while launching the magazine.

In his address Commissioner of Police D. Sivanandhan said: "The objective of the Mumbai Police is to protect and serve the community. It is our motto. THE PROTECTOR reflects this commitment and the values that the police force stands for."

This magazine is a major initiative of Mumbai Police in confidence building measures with the public.

The 100-page full-colour publication carries a detailed write-up on the 26/11 terrorist attack on the city and the on-going trial of the lone surviving terrorist Ajmal Kasab and articles on police preparedness in thwarting similar threats.

In an interview in the maiden issue, Sivanandhan points out that his first priority is to tackle terrorism and be prepared to meet any eventuality. "The organized crime is under control. My priority today is to get prepared for any terrorist attack," he asserts.

The magazine, which derives its title from the Mumbai Police motto "Sadrakshanaaya Khalnighrahanaaya", meaning "To protect the good and to punish the evil," carries a special section on the history of Bombay Police and its connection with the freedom movement.

"Our intention is to make every issue of THE PROTECTOR a collectors' number, informative as well as educative," said New Media's Managing Editor Satya Swaroop.

"Our aim is to project the Mumbai Police in a right perspective and to act as an effective means of communication between the police and the public," said Swaroop, adding, "Although the content for the magazine is provided by the Mumbai Police, the onus of responsibility for its presentation lies with New Media."

The other highlights of the magazine include enlightening interviews of Sadanand Date and Vinay Kargaonkar, both Additional Commissioners of Police.

Date, who confronted two heavily armed terrorists on the night of 26/11 at the Cama and Albless Hospitals and withstood their grenade attacks recalls: "It was the most challenging night and I just did my duty. On 26/11, our principal weapon in the fight was courage, which was displayed by the rank and file as well as the leadership. That weapon is with us, in addition to other weapons."

In a separate interview, Kargaonkar talks about the various initiatives the Mumbai Police have taken so far. "The response to the initiatives 'Alert Mumbaikar and 'Jagrut Mumbaikar' has been very encouraging," he says. 'Jagrut Mumbaikar' has covered more than 100 housing societies in order to sensitize the public about the constantly looming threat perception," Kargaonkar adds.

The magazine carries a write-up on the Mumbai Police as a brand icon of Bollywood, whose scriptwriters are forever inspired by the cop stories and the stars who love to get into the khaki uniforms. There is a unique 'Down Memory Lane' journey.

"First of all I like the name of your Magazine THE PROTECTOR," says legendary actor Dilip Kumar, explaining why. "I have met and known quite a few senior IPS officers. I found them to be strong, fearless and duty conscious when one turned to them for assistance. I have always regarded them as protectors and brave men."

The magazine carries a unique photo feature on the 150 years of police history. This includes a write-up on the Bombay Police and the freedom movement, and how they arrested Mahatma Gandhi and other great leaders such as Jawaharlal Nehru.

Another highlight is the profile of Kiran Bedi, India's first woman IPS officer, who rose to be the Police Advisor to the United Nations. A prison reformer, Bedi has won many prestigious awards, including the Ramon Magsaysay Award.

There is a feature on cyber crime, which is fast spreading, thanks to the power of the Internet and its easy access to educated criminals. In the wellness section the magazine offers a write-up on building a winning mind, which is very essential for law enforcement personnel. A case study tells how technology has helped in preventing recurrence of crime among young offenders.

A report on the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade twin towers in New York and another on an emergency drill that took place in New York recently bring back the memories of the incident. In this context, the magazine also highlights an important study on the economy of terrorism, the cost involved in carrying out operations and the deadly returns on that investment.

A write-up from the Bank of Maharashtra throws light on the issue of terror financing. A report on IFSEC India gives details of an upcoming global event on security, scheduled to be held in New Delhi from 29 to 31 October, 2009, where a conference on counter terrorism will be a highlight.

"We trust the maiden issue of THE PROTECTOR enlightens the readers as much as it helps them connect with the cops," said New Media's Satya Swaroop.

About New Media:

New Media is India's largest bilateral trade magazine publishing house based in Mumbai. Its magazines, of which three are published in association with the Export Import Bank of India, and others supported by various consulates and chambers of commerce, cover India's trade with as many as 125 countries across six continents.

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