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BWI: INDIA TV Comes up with New Show, Neelam Katara to Anchor ‘MOTHER INDIA’

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Monday, March 30, 2009 08:51 PM IST (03:21 PM GMT)
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INDIA TV Comes up with New Show, Neelam Katara to Anchor 'MOTHER INDIA'

New Delhi, Delhi, India, Monday, March 30, 2009 -- (Business Wire India) -- In its unrelenting effort to start new shows focused on public interest, India TV is launching a new show 'MOTHER INDIA', to be anchored by Neelam Katara, from Monday (March 30) onwards.

'MOTHER INDIA' will be telecast seven days a week at 5.15 pm and 8.15 pm.

Audiences may remember Neelam Katara, the feisty mother of Nitish Katara, who was brutally murdered allegedly by the relatives of a political don. She fought her son's case and eventually got justice, with the court awarding life term imprisonment to the accused. Neelam, who had been fighting her own case so far, will now be fighting cases of women who have been oppressed and subjected to brutal injustice through India TV's new offering 'MOTHER INDIA'.

The objective behind this show is to bring to the focus of the public, the sufferings of those families, who are searching for justice and have failed to get so. India TV wants to shore up their courage and get them justice. For example, 'MOTHER INDIA' would focus on cases related to honour killings, dowry related harassment, security for senior citizens, ragging of students and domestic violence. India TV would seek to raise the voice of the oppressed and get answers from those in authority who are responsible for providing justice.

This show will also seek to reach the common voters in the present poll scenario. Security of women, terrorism, youth participation and criminalization of politics, are such issues which the show would take to the people. It will also ask candidates who have entered the poll fray, why people should chose them in the light of these burning issues.

"MOTHER INDIA' anchor Neelam Katara had been consistently fighting for justice for her slain son. She encountered threats, intimidation and roadblocks in her fight for justice. She was subjected to intense political pressures, but as a fighting mother, she did not bend. At times, it appeared that she had lost hope, but justice ultimately prevailed.

The torch of justice held aloft by Neelam Katara showed the path for the judiciary to provide justice in cases like Priyadarshini Mattoo and Jessica Lal murder cases.The common man's faith in judiciary has been restored to a large extent. Neelam proved that any body could gather courage to achieve justice, even in the fight against influential people. Neelam got support from each and every mother, and that was her mainstay in her struggle for justice.

In order to rekindle that courage, Neelam Katara will anchor the 'MOTHER INDIA' show. India TV represents 'Janata Ki Awaaz'. It is hoped that Neelam Katara would give voice to the cries of each and every oppressed woman, who awaits justice from the law.

Neelam believes, and India TV agrees, that justice will definitely prevail, howsoever tortuous the journey may be.

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