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BWI: Goafest 2009 Creative Abby Entries Exceeds Last Year’s Number

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Goafest 2009 Creative Abby Entries Exceeds Last Year's Number

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Tuesday, March 31, 2009 -- (Business Wire India) -- The Creative Abby entries in Goafest 2009 have exceeded last year's number. This year 4494 entries have been received as compared to 4172 last year.

These include entries from Advertising, Direct, Digital Interactive, Film Craft, and the newly introduced Design categories.

Advertising entries alone totaled 3706 with print, out of home, film, radio and integrated attracting a large chunk of them.

Twenty eight companies have sent in 229 entries in the Direct category. The fast growing Digital Interactive Category has had 175 entries from 35 companies. Twenty two film production companies have sent in 206 entries. There are 32 companies who have sent in 178 entries in the Design category.

The jury chairpersons are Ravi Deshpande in Print, K V Sridhar in Out of Home, Piyush Pandey in Integrated, Prasoon Joshi in Film, K S Chakravarthy in Radio, Rakshin Patel in Direct, Bobby Pawar in Digital Interactive, Ram Madhvani in Film Craft and Elsie Nanji in Design categories. A total of 90 judges have been involved in 9 juries.

Commenting on the participation, Ajay Chandwani, Co-Chairman, Creative Abbys, Goafest 2009 and Director, Percept said, "The Advertising Club Bombay and the AAAI are delighted by the huge participation of companies representing advertising, direct, digital, design and film production in this year's Creative Abbys. We are overwhelmed by the support received from so many companies in a difficult year. In fact the participation has been significant considering the short notice given to enter the competition."

Regarding new categories, Ajay Chandwani said, "Every year Abbys creates new opportunities for different segments. Two years ago, we introduced Film Craft for film production companies with sub-categories like editing, cinematography, original music score etc. The new media trend got reflected in the Digital Interactive category with sub-categories like websites, banners, virals and email marketing. This year we have introduced Design with sub-categories like corporate id, packaging, brochures and stationery. With so many design companies and units in the larger agencies it was time to recognize Design as an independent vertical. The Abbys today encompass media and creative and truly represent the full communication spectrum."

About Goafest 2009:

Currently in its fourth year, Goafest is India's most prestigious national advertising awards festival, organized by The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) in association with The Advertising Club Bombay. More than 3000 delegates from the advertising and allied industries attend the event to witness the high-profile seminars, workshops and listen to keynote speakers from across the globe. Over 4500 ads from all over the country are showcased and judged at the Festival. Goafest is India's largest intellectual & information exchange in the world of Advertising & Media and provides an opportunity for professionals in marketing and advertising to meet, exchange ideas and recognize creative talent.

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  1. Hey there! That was a good read... I was at GoaFest this year and if your were there as well you could spot yourself at these pics http://www.spiritzandmore.com/high-spiritz/feel-the-rush/whyte-and-mackay-goafest. Please leave your comments... See you next year at GoaFest! Happy Blogging!!! :)