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BWI: Devon IT Announces Thin Clients Orderable from IBM in India

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(BW)(PA-DEVON-IT)Devon IT Announces Thin Clients Orderable from IBM in India
With Full Support for IBM Virtual Client Solutions, Devon IT's Thin Clients Provide Cost-Effective Approach to Managing and Accessing Virtualized Desktops

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States, Tuesday, March 31, 2009 -- (Business Wire India) --

Devon IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd today announced its new line of thin client solutions, orderable with IBM part numbers. Devon has worked directly with IBM to launch this complete line of thin client solutions that complements IBM's Virtual Client Solutions (VCS) infrastructure.

"We are committed to providing industry-leading and cost-effective thin client technology for users," explained Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT. "When a market and technology leader like IBM is progressing thin client/hosted client architecture and collaborate with leaders such as Citrix and VMware it is obvious that the current approach to desktop computing is shifting. We have always been proponents of server-centric computing and centralized management as a way for IT managers to reduce costs dramatically. Devon Thin Clients provide IBM customers an easy and cost-effective way to order complete hosted desktop solutions from one source."

"The economic realities of India technology requires new ideas to solve current problems. The benefits of server-based and virtual desktops are compelling and will address problems like security and operating costs," said Sunil Bangalore, Program Director India Software Labs IBM India Pvt. Ltd. "This cost-effective alternative to the traditional desktop PC provides increased security, centralized management, and adds operational flexibility to desktop computing. The variety of virtual client solutions, coupled with Devon IT's thin client, is a potent combination that makes it easy for IT managers to evaluate, assess, and ultimately implement their own virtualized desktop environments."

The IBM Virtual Client Solutions bring important benefits to the information technology (IT) department. In addition to delivering security and control, the Virtualized Hosted Client Infrastructure will enable companies to support more users with fewer resources, while offering the best possible desktop experience from virtually anywhere and on virtually any device.

Devon's Line of Thin Clients with IBM part numbers provide a complete set of desktop, mobile and specialized thin client solutions that will meet any end user requirement.


The ultra-small and inexpensive TC2 is an ideal desktop replacement for businesses looking to downsize their infrastructure and reduce management and power costs. The small form factor unit consumes only 8 watts and is completely silent. Despite its size, it is fully-functioned and allows users to connect to a variety of servers and virtual desktops. The TC2 is exclusively a Devon IT product and is orderable through IBM using an IBM part number.


The TC5 is a next-generation thin client from Devon IT for users who need high performance from a small footprint client. The TC5 gives users the capability to use multiple displays with one stateless unit. This ultra-advanced desktop appliance supports dual DVI video, internal wireless (Optional) and comes with either the DeTOS Operating System or Windows® XP Embedded. The TC5 is exclusively a Devon IT product and will be orderable through IBM using an IBM part number.


The TC10 is the highest performance desktop access device in the world. It is the first desktop access device that gives the end user a true PC experience with instant screen updates, full multimedia support, and full USB compatibility. It connects to IBM's HC10 Workstation Blade using PC-over-IP(tm), a technology that changes the desktop computing model by enabling desktop consolidation benefits to be realized across the enterprise. Unlike a traditional RDP thin client, the TC10 is for demanding users that require real time PC-like capability such as financial traders and power users such as CAD engineers. The TC10 is equivalent to the IBM CP20.

SafeBook® LVO

The SafeBook® LVO is the next-generation mobile thin client notebook. Built on the Lenovo ThinkPad platform the SafeBook® LVO is available with Windows® XP embedded software and is compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad docking stations and accessories. The SafeBook® LVO is a mobile thin client laptop with no hard drive, so all sensitive data is protected against loss or theft. With its low purchase price, low operating and maintenance costs, and reinforced security functions, the SafeBook® LVO offers the latest thin client technology in a lightweight, mobile notebook. The SafeBook® LVO is exclusively a Devon IT product, and is orderable through IBM using an IBM part number.

Devon Thin Client Software

Devon's software, which includes its DeTOS operating system and its Thin Manage management suite allows IT managers to easily create, deploy and manage their virtual desktop infrastructure. VDI is complex and therefore requires a holistic management framework to orchestrate the many components required for successful virtual desktop delivery and management. Devon's suite of software streamlines and simplifies desktop virtualization deployments, enabling IT organizations to gain greater management and control, ensure data and asset security, deliver a superior end-user experience, and provide enterprise business continuity and cost reductions.

"We are partnering with IBM to accelerate hosted client solutions like the VCS," noted Rajesh Naidu, General Manager of Bangalore-based Devon IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd. "Our thin clients that are orderable from IBM can help customers immediately access any application without changing the architecture, touching the infrastructure or rewriting code and that is exactly what they are looking for in a secure access hosted client solution."

Pricing and Availability

For more information about Devon's India thin client products orderable with IBM part numbers, or to arrange for a proof-of-concept, call +91 080 41400088 or mail: indiasales@devonit.com. Information is also available at www.devonit.com.

About Devon IT

Devon IT is an information technology company that focuses on offering thin client hardware and software for alternative desktop solutions that provide enterprise customers with greater security, enhanced manageability, improved reliability, and lower costs. Devon IT's products are orderable from IBM and Devon develops products that support IBM's Virtual Client Solutions. More information is available at www.devonit.com.

All company, brand, or product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. Devon products sold through IBM's Third Party Options, Vendor Logo Hardware, & Vendor Logo Software programs are not IBM products and are licensed, serviced and supported exclusively by Devon in accordance with Devon's terms and conditions.


Devon IT
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IBM India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
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